Why its okay to not be okay during the holidays and ways to help

Okay so by reading the title you probably think I am a scrooge right?


I wish for everyone to be happy, land that dream job, and for all of their dreams to come true! Will that happen? Sadly enough not everyone will accomplish what they want to in life.

I was watching The Pursuit of Happyness last night and it brought me to the reality that not everyone has it easy. Not everyone is happy. Not everyone feels whole inside.

Just know that whatever you are going through, you will win that battle.

The holidays make everyone feel that they NEED to be happy even if they aren't.

In all reality not everyone is happy just because it is the holidays. Life keeps going on no matter the date... people may be going through:

-- a divorce

-- breakup

-- loss of a loved one

-- job loss/ feel that they are stuck in a job they hate

So be kind to everyone!

Why it is okay to not be okay + ways to help:

1) It is normal to have down periods

Just because everyone around you is happy doesn't mean you have to be. Your life doesn't need to be rainbows and butterflies all the time. Your feelings are valid and you are allowed to feel them. Try not to sulk in your feelings for too long though, as this may stretch the hurt longer than need be.

Reach out to friends when you can. Don't have good friends? Reach out to family! Reach out to people who support you and will help lift you out of troubling times.

2) It is normal to have money problems

Not everyone is mega rich and able to spend a lot during the holidays. You are not the only person in the world to be tight on money this year. Don't let the holidays be a reason that you are not financially stable. Just keep on focusing on being happy and strive to better yourself everyday. Money does not need to be the route of happiness. The lavish gifts are really not all that. Be a person you would be proud of and want to be. Don't make what you can spend on others define who you think you are as a person. You can be just as nice and loving without rolling out the dough.

If you still want to give make it small and meaningful. Take out that special someone on a coffee date and just catch up. Make them a batch of cookies or something else cheap. You don't need to spend a lot to show you care.

3) You are allowed to grieve

Holidays remind of us of times we spend with loved ones. If you are missing a loved one don't put your feelings on hold. I don't recommend wallowing in sadness but you are allowed to feel your emotions. Just know your heart will experience happiness again.

Try and keep yourself busy by visiting friends and family, watching your favorite movie, trying that yoga class that you've always wanted to try etc. There is not specific answer on how to heal. Do what is best for you and work towards a happier you.

This blog is very different from my normal posts, but it was just something that came to my mind that I wanted to let out. Not everyone's journey in life is the same and everything is situational.If you are happy during the holidays, great! If not just understand that you aren't alone. Take the time to heal no matter the date. Become the best version of yourself that you can be, and just be a person that makes you happy. I hope whatever is burdening your heart changes, and that you too can be happy during this time of year.

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