I tried Kourtney Kardashian's hair Turban: Is it worth it?

Updated: Oct 3, 2019

You know you hate to admit it, but the Kardashian's are all the rage. From their TV shows to their products, they have the it factor. I have always wondered if Kardashian products are the real deal, or if they are just overpriced mediocre pieces.

I was very intrigued by this hair turban. I absolutely despise having to wear a thick towel on my head. I have long and thin hair and basically will do anything and everything in my will power to protect my already balding head (slightly over dramatic but whatever).

As you can imagine I don't have money for Kardashian grade extensions or shampoos, so this felt like a better fix. This turban claims to help protect hair from damage and to cut down drying time. The cheetah print side is a silk material, to where you can then flip it inside out to sleep in and protect against damage. Is this hair turban what dreams are made of?

Could this be my solution?

Could a Kardashion ACTUALLY help improve my life.

I went to Kourtney Kardashians website to check out this Turban.

Not being sponsored, I pulled out my credit card and made the purchase. The overall total was $38 which included taxes and shipping (to my surprise). I was kinda shocked when I went to checkout and the tax had been added to the price and the shipping. It made it slightly easier to purchase it since I had expected more.

Anyways it took a little over a week to arrive, which felt like a decade since i'm so spoiled with Amazon Prime.

Inside the cardboard envelope was two pieces of paper. One stating that the item couldn't be returned and another thanking me for the purchase. I was kind of hoping their would be washing instructions for the turban but shoved that worry aside.

I immediately took a shower so I could use my new fancy hair turban.

Once showered and clean I wrung out my hair so it wasn't completely soaking wet and wrapped my head up.

Putting the turban on was actually quite simple. Just put the larger end on your head, twist the rest, and put the loop around the button.

AS for the drying time, I did feel that it dried my hair in a good amount of time. I'm not actually sure if it cut drying time in half (that's a pretty bold statement) but I do feel that it cut down the time some. My hair felt pretty good after removing the turban, and there weren't really any missing chunks of soaking wet hair.

One thing I was really impressed by was how light this product is. My head felt so free in comparison to having a heavy towel on my head. Everything felt tucked into place, which made me feel great.

After blow drying my hair I did notice that the turban left some marks from the elastic. This overall did not bother me, but if I was going somewhere highly important and didn't want marks I wouldn't use this.

Now let's dive into the nigh time usage. I tried using the dual side the first night, but to my dismay the turban was still soaking wet. I'm sure there is a way around this, but I need to find out a way to better dry my turban (which is why an instruction manual would have been fabulous).

After a night of drying, I went ahead and tested it out on the second night. I went ahead and wrapped my hair into the silk side, and had little to no trouble falling asleep in the turban. Once I woke up, the hair turban was no where in sight. I guess I move too much during my sleep to actually keep this piece on.

All in all, the hair turban is a good piece. I don't really use it for its silk side because it doesn't stay on. The piece wasn't too over priced compared to similar products, which is one huge plus to this turban (and the pattern is so CUTE)! Its drying factors work exactly how I need since I do not wash my hair daily. When I need it the piece is dry and ready to go!

This piece is Kellie Kardashian approved (has such a nice ring to it)!

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