I tried Alani Nu's pre-workout: Is it worth it?

Updated: Nov 30, 2019

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* Update* I now only take pre-workout in the morning because the caffeine affects my sleep if I take it too late at night + my anxiety. It is still great for morning/ afternoon workouts.

I have seen Alani Nu ALL over my Instagram feed. Alani Nu this, Alani Nu that.... it was everywhere. From putting research into it, I found that this company creates an array of products from fitness to wellness.

I've been on the market for pre-workout, as I have felt sluggish during my workouts. I have always been cautious about pre-workout, and didn't know if I should take the leap. I have tried C-4 before, and hated how I felt while on it. It made my skin feel itchy, and I almost felt as if I was crawling out of my own skin (yuck).

Wanting to amp up my workouts, I went ahead and looked into Alani Nu's pre-workout.

The reviews seemed great on their site and other sites as well, so I decided to give it a go.

I went through all the different flavors, very puzzled on what to buy. As I was told by my twin to avoid the Hawaiian shaved iced flavor because it was just OK, I went ahead and bought the mimosa flavor.

Day 1:

Once I received my package, I couldn't wait to put it to the test. I immediately put a scoop into my water and waited the 30 mins as stated on the back of the package. Once the time was up, I went on to leg day.

While working out I was very surprised to find it actually working. I felt a burst of energy, and actually made it past my normal 30 min mark (I worked out for 42 mins woot). I definitely felt like I could keep going, but felt like it was a good enough workout... plus I wanted to be able to feel my legs the next day.

Day 2:

So this day wasn't as good as the first. I went ahead and took the pre-workout and started exercising at the 10-15 min mark. I started off with a mile run, and afterwards had an intense urge to throw up. I was so confused and didn't know what was wrong.

Once re-reading the directions it was there I discovered the amount of time to wait until working out. I googled how I felt and it was recommended to wait the appropriate amount of time and that using this on an empty stomach can cause nausea (oops).

I sat down for about 15 mins and then continued on completing an easy 30 min ab/arm workout. I was able to recover, but the initial nausea was NOT fun.

Be cautious and make sure you read the directions CAREFULLY. This stuff is no joke hahah

Perk: I did actually improve my mile time that day by 45 seconds. Is this due to the pre-workout? Possibly!

Day 3:

I used the pre-workout this day as directed and had great results. I felt energized, and was really starting to look forward to taking my yummy tasting pre-workout. This day I completed a hiit workout which left me feeling amazing.


The mimosa flavor actually had a nice bubbly taste/ feel to it. I really enjoyed the citrus taste to it. I wanted to avoid the candy flavors, and found that the mimosa was more fruity and natural in my opinion. I found this pre-workout light and refreshing, and really looked forward to taking it each workout.

Is it worth it?

After the initial 3 days, I still found myself wanting to take it. I honestly thought that pre-workouts were just a placebo + over hyped, but the Alani Nu pre-workout was the real deal. I plan on buying more when I run out of the mimosa flavor.

I found this pre-workout to work so much better than the ones I have sampled in the past. I have a sensitive stomach, and only had issues the day I used the product incorrectly.

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