Different practices of self care: My personal experience + opinion

I feel that self care is a subject that gets skewed by many men and women. We get surrounded by a society that constantly finds the need to buy more and more, as if what we already have isn't enough. Don't get me wrong I understand how consumerism is important to the economy, but I find that many people turn to it to fill a gap in their life.

Now let's first address what exactly is self care? According to Wikipedia self care is the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress.

I know that everyone copes differently and handles the stressors of life differently, but I find there are so many ways to provide yourself with self care.

Honestly I have had experiences where I have done a little retail therapy. Although it is nice to get new things, I feel that self care doesn't mean you have to go and spend even though our culture makes us feel that we do.

Changing up your self care routine may improve your overall happiness. I know that once I started to include a variety and switch up what I did I felt overall happier.

Here are some self care methods that I recommend:

1) Go workout

When you workout you release endorphins which helps you cope with stress. Endorphins give your body a positive feeling, and working out in general can help you mentally and physically.

2) Take a bath

Bath's are a great way to unwind after a long day.

3) Put on a face mask

I generally buy mine, but there are masks that you can make from items you probably already have in your house.

Here are some homemade masks I found

4) Walk your dog

This is a great activity for doggo bonding. Let go of whatever is bothering and do something good for you and your dog.

5) Read a book

I feel that our society is way too addicted to their electronic devices. I know I unfortunately I fit into this category. Reading a good book is refreshing and will get you away from your electronics for a little while.

6) Call up/ visit a friend

It is so important to let go of what is stressing you out and connect with the people who matter to you the most.

7) Get a good cup of coffee or tea

I don't know why but the warmth of a hot beverage is so soothing. This can be as simple as sitting at home and having a cup of coffee in solidarity + peace. If you prefer going out for coffee, go and treat yourself.

8) Get good sleep

Honestly make time for yourself and get a good nights sleep.

9) Paint your nails

Something as small as painting your nails at home may completely turn your day around. While they are drying put on a good podcast or your favorite Netflix episode.

10) Learn to say no

You don't always have to say yes to plans or helping someone out. Make sure to allow yourself the free time that you deserve.

11) Develop a skin + hair routine

Hear me out, I honestly love having a routine. I find it so peaceful putting on night cream or putting Moroccan oil on different parts of my hair. I know that the products are good, and I love having nights where I take care of my skin + hair.

12) Go try something new

Go try that new vegan restaurant you've been wanting to try. Go try that workout class you've been curious about. You deserve some excitement in your life. Money doesn't need to be spent to try something new either. Just be creative and find ways to switch up your life.

13) Clean your room + chill

Clean your comfort zone, light a candle, and cuddle up in your robe and watch your favorite Netflix series. You are allowed to take time off for yourself.

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