Cheap date ideas for this holiday season

During the holiday are some of the best dates, but I almost find that there is too much pressure to have the create the perfect holiday dates. I know this is partially due to everyone's polished Instagram feeds, unrealistic Christmas movies, and for the fact that it is cuffing season.

Holiday dates can be expensive when they don't really need to be. Save your money and do these things with your lover for the ultimate cheap holiday date.

1) Bake a sweet treat together.

Take a trip to the grocery store and snag supplies to make cookies, cupcakes, etc. I love cooking with my boyfriend. We love to eat and this is a perfect way for us to do something fun and not break the bank. If sweet treats aren't your thing then find something else to make. Put some Christmas music on and cook whatever you want. My boyfriend makes us ramen noodles that we have been obsessed with lately (not regular ramen noodles FYI). It really doesn't matter what you make it's the fact that you are both putting in effort to do something TOGETHER.

2) Binge watch Christmas Movies or HARRY POTTER

Cuddle up with your love bug and watch Harry Potter together. It's fun to plan an actual lazy day vs. just watching something random. If you have some spare cash order a pizza to split.

3) Drive around and look at Christmas lights

Go take yourself to a nice neighborhood and look at some Christmas lights. Buy yourself a nice latte and make it a road trip!

See if any downtown areas near you have lights and make it a nice walking trip

4) Make a gingerbread house together

Show off your creative skills with this activity

5) Decorate your Christmas tree together

6) Try and make a holiday cocktail together

Can't afford the price of going out for drinks? Don't want to tip? There are so many recipes on the internet for spiked drinks. Find something you both like and make something festive!

7) Go sledding / Have a snowball fight

If you live somewhere with snow take advantage of it! Many view snow negatively, but relive your youth and have a snowball fight. As we get older we take things too seriously and forget about the little things that used to make us happy.

8) Make festive hot cocoa together

Cuddle up together and try a new hot cocoa. Google a recipe and get started!

9) Make homemade ornaments together

Go to the dollar/ craft store and pick up some crafty pieces + blank ornaments! This is a fun activity to do together and is something you can cherish for years.

10) Go ice skating

This really depends on where you live + prices but from personal experience this is pretty affordable for what you get. If you can't afford to rent skates just ask around and see if anyone has a pair you can borrow.

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