7 places you need to visit in Michigan this fall

Updated: Feb 27

There is no doubt that Michigan is a beautiful state. The trees, lakes, and wildlife flourish both in the upper and lower peninsulas. You can travel east to west and still find something beautiful. Not only do we have beautiful scenery, but we have great cities with many hidden gems. With the seasons and weather soon to be changing, the time is now to plan your fall excursion.

1) Pictured rocks

Treat yourself to a trip to Pictured Rocks. The view will take your breathe away.

Go ahead and hike the trails of pictured rocks, and see many of the waterfalls the area has to offer.

2) Take Holland's Fall Color Tour

The tour is meant to show you all the best spots to view all of Michigan's beauty and changing colors this fall.

If you don't want to take the tour, you can walk the beach, hike trails, and grab a tasty bite to eat all in the same city. This beautiful west shore city has much to offer.

(Idoia Gkikas, 2019)

3) The Knickerbocker Grand Rapids, MI

When temperatures start to drop, this cute downtown restaurant brings out these heated igloos! Go ahead and sip on some beer or cider in one of these!

(Rob Sparks, 2018)

(Erin Klema, 2017)

4) Oktoberfest Frankenmuth, MI

Wander over to a timely classic known as Frankenmuth Michigan! You will feel as if you traveled afar, but are staying within the comforts of home.

5) Meckley's Flavor Fruit Farms

This place is family friendly, and a cute way to get in a sweet treat!

This family owned cider mill has your choice of doughnuts, apples, cider, and hard cider.

Go ahead and go through the corn maze, play some cornhole, or let your kiddo ride on a pony.

(Debbie Carlson, 2013)

(Animal Vinny, 2015)

6) Ann Arbor Farmer's Market

Go ahead and help out local farmers by checking out the Ann Arbor Farmer's market. Go stock up on veggies and those warm homemade baked goods you've been craving.

(Charles Reinhart Company, 2017)

(Jennifer Brough, 2017)

7) Outside Coffee Co.

No time like the fall to sip on a nice warm cup of joe! This East Grand Rapids gem is an outdoor coffee shop with a cool vibe. You order coffee from a camper, making this a unique stop. When it gets to be too cold outside, they bring out heated igloos. Being outdoors this place is dog friendly (score).

(Outside Coffee Co, 2019)

(Grand Rapids Magazine Staff, 2018)

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