5 cheap + easy breakfast ideas that you know you can follow

Okay so most of us want the bikini ready bodies but aren't willing to put in the work am I right? It is so tempting to swing through McDonald's for your morning breakfast because it is purely convenient. Don't get me wrong every once in awhile it is okay, but overall this should not be what your morning consists of.

One of the biggest excuses I hear people say is that it is "too expensive to eat healthy" or "I don't have time."

I was talking to my dad about this topic and he compared it to a tooth ache. If your tooth is in severe pain you will make sure to make a dentist appointment right? This is because it is on the top of your priority list.

What if you prioritized your health like that?

What if instead of checking Facebook in the morning you actually spent that time making breakfast?

You have to prioritize your health and find ways to be able to afford the healthy foods.

Here are 5 cheap + easy breakfast meals you can actually find yourself sticking to:

1) Oatmeal

Don't buy the packets! Get yourself some rolled oats. 42 oz of Quacker (yes name brand) is ONLY $3.59. This will last you for so long. I tend to make mine with either apple slices, nuts, and cinnamon or chia seeds and peanut butter. When you melt the peanut butter it is really yummy.

2) Avocado Toast

Okay the avocado will be the MOST expensive thing I will be writing on this blog. At Meijer you can buy an avocados on sale often 3 for $5. Get yourself some cheap wheat toast at Meijer or Aldi and sprinkle with nothing but the bagel seasoning which can be found at some Meijer stores or Trader Joe's.

Pro tip: add an egg on top....you won't regret it.

3) PB banana toast

Fruit is healthy in the morning....I don't care what anyone says. Bananas have healthy sugars in them which is what our body should be having over the artificial sugars in items such as cereal. It is a known fact that fruit is higher in sugar compared to other food groups. People who over do sugar throughout the day from frappe's etc. are the people who should worry. Just like anything in life you need to find balance. Make some whole grain toast and top it with your favorite nut butter (mine is almond), chia seeds, and sliced banana.

4) Veggie Omelet

Make your favorite veggies and treat yourself to an omelet. I generally make mine with spinach, mushrooms, and green peppers. If you are watching your cholesterol make it an egg white omelet.

5) Mexican egg scramble

This is honestly something I make at home and am unsure of what to call it. I make eggs with salsa (my favorite being green salsa), hot sauce, avocado, and green peppers. This mix is so yummy and includes protein from the eggs + is an easy way to sneak in a veggie.

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