20 super foods that can easily be added to your diet in 2020

Eating healthy in this day and age is becoming harder and harder. I know as the new year is approaching we start to think of ways we can become better versions of ourselves (or how we can eat healthy this holiday season).

When people try and acquire healthy lifestyles, some unfortunately opt out on researching and just buy what is convenient. There are countless products and snacks that claim to be healthy, but actually are not. Ingredient lists are becoming longer on food items, with many of the ingredients being confusing to the average consumer. Hell even many coffee creamers are dairy free which begs the question "If this is dairy free.. what actually is it"?

Corn syrup is hidden in about every product, and many simple products profit off of consumers who are desperately searching for healthy options.

I believe that the best way to maintain a healthy lifestyle is to dump out all the "health" chips, protein bars, skinny pop corns etc. that we get tricked into believing are good for us anyways. Don't get me wrong, it is okay to try for healthier options from time to time, BUT if you are trying to be healthy I believe the best option is to eat fruits, vegetables, and super foods that will ultimately get you closer to your health goals. If you really just want to focus on eating pre-made things, go ahead and do your research to make sure the product is good for you like it is marketed.

Now what exactly is a super food? Well to be correct, the term super food is generally used to help market products, but essentially superfoods are food items that offer great benefits to the person who consumes them. I believe that many natural unprocessed foods fit under that category, and all in all our diets should really be focused on natural food items such as these listed below.

I have looked into superfoods and have found that some of them may be hard to incorporate into the average person's life (one example being seaweed...yuck)! Without further ado, here are some superfoods I believe can easily be introduced into your diet:

Note: I am not a Dietitian and these are just foods that I have put research into and how I have used them/ recommend them

1) Spinach

I feel that spinach is so versatile, and can be used for many things.

Use it for:

-- The base of your salad

-- Omelet mix

-- Include in wraps

Here are the benefits of eating spinach

2) Broccoli

You can find broccoli in your average grocery store

Use it for:

-- alongside your favorite meat (chicken, steak, etc.)

-- in a stir fry

-- in soup

3) Berries

Berries are great at providing antioxidants!

Use it for:

-- a snack

-- smoothies

-- acai bowls

-- on top of yogurt

4) Garlic

Garlic is known to lower your risks of cancer and help with weight control

Use to season:

-- chicken

-- tofu

-- stir fry

-- pasta

5) Walnuts

A handful of these are great at curbing your hunger

Use it for:

-- a snack

-- on top of yogurt

-- in oatmeal

-- in granola mix

6) Pineapple

Not only Spongebob benefits from this fruit

Use it for:

-- Smoothies

-- acai bowls

-- snack

-- chicken kabobs

7) Mint

Use it for:

-- flavored water

-- seasoning

-- pesto sauce

-- garnish

8) Extra virgin olive oil

This is great for cooking! Olive oil is considered a healthy fat and is a great substitution for butter.

Use for:

-- cooking salmon

-- sauteing vegetables

-- baking sweet potatoes

9) Oatmeal

Swap out your cereal for this hearty breakfast (note don't buy the oatmeal packets). Often times cereals are marketed as healthy/healthier but honestly your best bet is to ditch cereal entirely.

Use for:

-- Breakfast

-- homemade granola

-- homemade granola bars

Tip: add cinnamon for flavor. Cinnamon is great at lowering blood sugar levels, making it a great addition. If you aren't into cinnamon, I often add almond butter.

10) Salmon

Salmon is my FAVORITE food at the moment. It is packed with protein, and is a good source of healthy fatty acids.

Pair with:

-- asparagus

-- salad + avocado

-- brussel sprouts

11) Avocado

Fun fact: Avocado is considered a fruit


-- Avocado toast

-- put on salad

-- guacamole

12) Blueberries

One reason I love these berries is because they help regulate blood sugar and are so versatile. I often pair them with almonds for a nice snack


-- snack

-- smoothie

-- in yogurt

-- in oatmeal

13) Brussel Sprouts

I feel that this is one food that is often underrated. If you season it right and add olive oil these are super good when cooked.

Pair with:

-- salmon

-- chicken

-- pork chop

-- tofu

14) Apples

Apples are such an easy snack to pack. My all time favorite is Honeycrisp apples.

Eat as:

-- apple slices with peanut

-- how it comes

-- chop into oatmeal + add cinnamon

-- eat INSTEAD off the processed "health" foods

15) Yogurt

I hate to break it to you, but this is plain yogurt NOT the yogurt packs that come with chocolate pieces or whatever to dump in. Make sure to check the sugar on the packaging. Often times yogurt contains high amounts of sugars dependent on the brand... so choose wisely.

Eat as:

-- breakfast with granola

-- snack

-- in your smoothie

16) Green tea

Green tea is actually great for increasing your metabolism and I have noticed it curbs my appetite when I think I'm hungry (basically I'll drink it when I think I'm turning to eating out of boredom).

If you like regular brewed green tea, go ahead and try matcha green tea. The taste is different at first (I would describe it as earthy/gritty) but once you acquire the taste for matcha lattes it is good. I recommend trying it with unsweetened almond milk.

17) Oranges

These babies are packed with Vitamin C! Pack one of these peeled for a quick and easy snack.

18) Dark Chocolate

Believe or not but dark chocolate is believed to reduce blood pressure. If you are in need of a sweet pick me up reach for a piece of dark chocolate.

19) Carrots

Go ahead and get some baby carrots in your life. That is my favorite way to have these vitamin packed veggie.

Eat as:

-- snack (I like to pair with hummus)

-- cooked as a side dish

-- chopped into a salad

20) Onion

Onions are a great way to add flavor to any meal. Make sure to have a breathe mint if you plan on going in public.

Ways to enjoy:

-- sauteed in an omelet

-- sauteed next to your favorite meat

-- in a salad

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